Divine Word Missionaries SVD Formation (BROTHER FORMATION IN INDONESIA)


Since the year of 2004, we receive only the Brother Candidates. In the previous years we received both the Brother and Cleric candidates. First we were a bit worry if we did get the candidates, but thanks God that the number of new Brother Candidates approximately stable (between 10 and 20 persons). Logo SVD

Most candidates come after being graduated high school. The entrance test materials are arranged by a National Team, we in St. Conrad are the ones who just run the test.

There were more than thirty applicants in the year of 2004, but not all of them come to have the test, some had changed their minds. But there were 15 persons passed the test, and being accepted in the postulancy.

This year (2005), there are more than thirty new applications, but, as it happened the previous year, not all of them come for the test. We have now 18 Candidates.

There is an “accident” happens this year. We usually run the test after the final exam in the High School (organized by the Government).

After getting the date of the final exam for the high school of this year, we announced the date for our test. And then the Government change the date of the exam in the high schools. So a lot of our applicants get the trouble to join the test. We still have a second round of the test. Let us pray that they will come.

It is strongly underlined that all member of the house, without exception, are the formators in any certain way. There are two persons who are directly working for the postulants (Bro. Edelbertus Atalema and Bro. Martin Mamaq).

Almost all of the candidates come from the region of NTT. The candidates from other region outside of NTT are usually joining our postulancy in Malang, IDJ. After one year of postulancy, they are sent to our noviciates: KUWU (IDR) or to NENUK (IDT). The postulants from Malang are sent to our noviciate in BATU (IDJ).


There are three noviciates of SVD in the country. Each Province has one noviciate, except Ende Province. We have the common noviciates.

The catalogus of 2005 writes the following data of Brother Novices:

KUWU (Ruteng): 10 persons
NENUK (Timor): 9 persons
BATU (Jawa): 4 persons
In total: 23 persons

Each noviciate has at least one Brother as formator.


Juniorate program has been changing frequently.

First those who had just made their first vows, return to St. Conrad House for two years. During this period, they got input and training on the religious missionary life, and did practice in our available work shops. After these two years period, they went to continue the studies. And then, since the year of 1999, they went directly from the noviciate to study after the first vows. According to the plan, after five years, this method should be evaluated. In the evaluation of 2004, we come to realize that such program had some serious weakness. The most disturbing one is that the new vowed Brothers need a period of calming down after the noviciate. They should first to experience the real SVD community life, not just as in the noviciate. Another disturbance is that the difficulty to join in any university. The school year starts in the month of July, while our vows are made in the middle of August. Then, the new method is now being practiced, that all the new vowed Brothers should spend one year time in St. Conrad Brother Formation in Ende. The first group of this program is now being practiced.

During this period they are given the lectures on the Religious and Missionary life, doing practice works in our work-units in Ende, while determining the subject of studies in the following year (considering their interests, talents and the need of the Congregation as a whole).

First the province of Jawa had their own program. All the new vowed Brothers spent one year time to join in the STFT (SEKOLAH TINGGI FILSAFAT DAN TEOLOGI = the High School of the Philosophy and Theology) as guest students. But from this year, they send the Brothers to St. Conrad Ende, having the same training together with the other fellows in Ende. After this one year, they return to Jawa Province.


After one year Juniorate, they are sent to study in various fields. They might be sent to another province if it is needed. The Province Council is the one who decides what to study and where, taking the memo of the Formation House into the consideration.

If someone has to go beyond his own home province, then the receiving province will take all the responsibilities regarding the formation and other things. The receiving province will take care of the young Brothers up to their final vows. It means that they have no business anymore with St. Conrad Formation house. Each province in Indonesia has a Prefect for the Brothers in temporary vows, including the Student Brothers. They are:

Ende Province: Bro. Benyamin Ade SVD,
Timor Province: Bro. Dominikus Doron, SVD
Jawa Province: Bro. Yonas Tukan, SVD
Ruteng Province: Bro. Aloysius Lanang, SVD

They have good contact with the National Director of the Brother Formation.


It takes six months for the preparation before the final vows. It usually takes place in St. Conrad Formation House, in the province of Ende. Take this year (2005) as an example: from these three Probanist Brothers, none is from the province of Ende (one is from Ruteng and two are from Timor Province). In this case, we can only help them in the field of reflection, nothing to do regarding the first mission application.

Pendiri Tarekat SVD, SSPs & SSPs Adorasi Abadi

We have a list of capable persons who can be invited to help the Probanist Brothers in various fields. They are the SVD members, even the lay people (a couple), and a doctor, Muslim Guru etc.


Like in many other provinces, the ongoing formation is very poor done. It could be understood, since they are already involved in various field and communities. They depend more on the Province planning rather than the Formation House’s. It happens also to the cleric confreres.

Almost every year the province offers some opportunities directly to all the confreres in the province. To mention some of them are: Arnold Janssen Spirituality workshops or retreats, Nemi Renewal Course, Dei Verbum in Nemi, and some other courses in national level.


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